Delivery Policy

Terms and Conditions

  • After you place your order by credit or debit card, we will deliver the result of our services (travel authorization) to you by email within 3 hours. In the unlikely event of a problem arising from the U.S. government site such as performing maintenance, communication failure, pending approval, the result will not be sent immediately. We will deliver the ESTA result as quickly as possible while the problem is being resolved. In cases where more time is needed to process an electronic travel authorization application, the result will be usually delivered within 72 hours.
  • Applicants’ ESTA Reference (Authorization) Number will be included as an attachment to the email in HTML format. Customers are recommended to print out the HTML file (travel authorization) and take it with them on their travel to the United States in order to maintain a record of their traveler authorization number and to have confirmation of their ESTA status.
  • Customers may also request to receive a print out of your travel authorization via fax. Please place your request via email containing your first and last name, passport number and fax number.
  • Customer should write the correct email address that can receive. If any details of email address have been entered incorrectly or are incomplete, your travel authorization may not be delivered. The company will process an application to the customer's requests, and will not be responsible for any incorrect email information provided. Customer's application status can be found at our website so that delivery will be deemed completed in this case.
  • If you have not received a reply within 24 hours, please check your Junk Mail or SPAM folder. We will deliver by email after an order being placed, but we cannot be at fault should the email be undeliverable due to circumstances beyond our control. Examples include a soft bounce which might occur because the customer's inbox is full and may be deliverable at another time or may be forwarded manually by the network administrator in charge of redirecting mail on the customer's domain.
  • An order, application submission will be completed only after payment has been made. Delivery has been fulfilled when applicant’s application result has been sent by email to the address provided by the applicant, or faxed upon the applicant's request.
  • If you have any questions concerning Delivery Policy, please contact us immediately via email :
  • This version of the Delivery Policy is effective as of 3rd January 2019